100 Ton
Super Tractor

This tractor is an absolute beast! Capable of a 200,000 lb. gross load and the 5th wheel hitch (which has 19”of vertical travel) can support a vertical load of 70,000 lbs.

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“The new tractor design outperformed our expectations, which are already high with Dapco Inc.,” “Dapco Inc. has become a vital partner to ensure our mining equipment needs are taken care of.”

Bobby Watson Operations Maintenance Manager - Alliance Resource Partners LLC

“The quality and design of Dapco Inc. machinery is second to none.”

Daniel McClelland Chief of Maintenance - Gibson County Coal

“When Dapco Inc. builds or rebuilds a machine for us, it is one less thing I have to worry about since I know the quality of product we will receive.”

Charlie Chilcoat Underground Diesel Maintenance Manager - Drummond Coal

“Dapco Inc. has always gone above and beyond to ensure our equipment is manufactured to the highest standards and supported in the field.”

Chris Brooks Chief of Maintenance - Hartshorne Mining Group