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Manufactured and Remanufactured products
DAPCO, Inc. offers manufactured and remanufactured equipment for the mining and construction industry. Please call or email for more information.
ST-12 Supply Tractor
This machine is designed to be the primary mover in trains of supply cars. This 20 ton vehicle has a very rugged construction which utilizes the use of Deere axles, Clark Powershift transmission, Deutz turbo diesel engine, heavy duty ball-type oscillation bearing.
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Road Graders:
RG-11 Road Grader
This is a true to form road maintainer designed from the ground-up for the underground mining industry. From the bulldozer type, center blade push arms to the well-proven, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system this machine means business!
RG11-L Road Grader
Width: 8'
Length: 26'-9"
Height: 42"
Weight: Approx. 21,000 Lbs.
Ground Clearance: 6"
Center Blade: 10', Six-Way
Front Blade 8'
Six Wheel Drive
H.P. 113
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Mine Ventilation Fans:
Intake Ventilation Fans
DAPCO supplies the mining industry with Intake Ventilation Fans. We will custom build and install Intake Ventilation Fans to your specifications.
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Exhaust Ventilation Fans
DAPCO custom builds and installs Exhaust Ventilation Fans to your specifications.
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Personnel Carriers:
PC-14 Personnel Carrier
The DAPCO 8-man personnel carrier.
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5-Man Rib-runner
The DAPCO 5-man Rib-runner.
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Pull-Behind Road Maintainer
The DAPCO Pull-Behind Road Maintainer.
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Mine Scoop Re-builds and Repowers:
The EIMCO 935 - Repower Non-premisible.
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488 Scoop - Rebuild
The 488 Scoop - Rebuild
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Wagner 3.5 Rebuild
The Wagner 3.5 Rebuild.
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Battery Carriers
Used for reducing battery changing down time from long travel times to and from battery charging stations on ram car units. This has proven especially profitable as the unit moves farther away from the charging station.
Pressure Washers
Diesel powered, non-permissible used for washing equipment in underground mines. It uses a high pressure / low volume pump to maximize production and minimize the amount of water used (less water = less mess).
Diesel Welders
Miller power units with approved engines mounted in enclosed trailers or open trailers.
Diesel Truss Bolters
Re-powers only, single boom or double boom, non-permissible.
Low Ground Pressure Material Haulers
This is designed to be used in conjunction with a primary mover such as a farm tractor or L.G.P. bulldozer in earth moving where conditions will not permit the use of conventional equipment such as scrapers or pull pans.
Self-Propelled Steel Transfer Car
This machine is used in steel tubing mills to transfer batch loads of tubing to freight trucks.
Ram Car Rebuilds and Replacement Trailers
Rebuild/Replacements for Stamler or DBT ram cars.
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Self Cleaning Tail Rollers
This system was designed to be used with continuous haulage systems it implements the use of an auger driven by the tail roller to discharge loose material off the lower belt, preventing the tail roller from being gobbed out.
Electric Transport Vehicles and Replacement Bodies for Using Existing Cart Components
Contact us about a new 48 Volt Solid State Cart or Cycle out your old golf course duty carts for one of our mine duty cart bodies. All steering components are 1/2 ton rated.
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Rebuilt Roof Bolters
Complete rebuilds of single and double boom bolters

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