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The History of DAPCO, Inc.
DAPCO, Inc. began in 1989 building a three-wheeler in the Parker garage which would be used underground at a local coal mine. A new facility was built in Dixon, Kentucky in 1993 and expanded in 1999 to a 14,850 square foot facility.

Dale Parker, President of DAPCO, Inc. has 27 years of experience in the mining industry. Twenty-four of those as the maintenance director for two coal companies. He has worked full time as President and manager of DAPCO since 1994. Dale also leads DAPCO's research and development team, developing potential products for the company's existing and new customers.

Jeremy Parker, Vice President of DAPCO, has been with the company for thirteen years. Jeremy oversees production on a day to day basis. He serves as Shop Foreman, Field Service Technician and is an innovator in design and construction using Cadkey and the solid modeling power of Solidworks 2003 computer aided drafting packages. Jeremy works directly one on one with customers, designing and building equipment to their specifications.

This family-owned business and its employes have made a name for the company that stands behind its products and believes in quality, customer service and satisfaction. DAPCO, Inc.

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